How to maximize your ROI in this course

Getting the Most form this Course

In this course, written specifically for business owners just like you, we bring you simple activities that are tried, tested and make a real difference to how you focus your attention.

By interviewing a diverse group of business owners and showing them some of the activities that will help them deal with specific challenges that they face we hope that you will see the value and application of the various activities.

We suggest that to optimise the return for your investment of time and money that you watch each video and do the activity shown along with us.

Once you have completed the activities shown in the full suite of videos we encourage you to do the activities daily for a period of 30 days to train your brain for sharper., deeper focus that may be used for ever longer periods. Like every skil,l focusing your attention is improved by practice.

To check how long you stay focused we suggest that you time a simple activity such as adding and subtracting numbers always keeping the total value below 10.

e.g. 2+1(3)+3(6)-1(5)+2(7)-1(6)+3(9)-5(4)+2(6)-3(3)+5(8) etc

We suggest that you record your progress by testing how long you can stay focused each day on the record sheet and notice how long you can stay focused. most days you will see a significant improvement.

We also suggest that you add a comment each day to your record sheet on how easy/difficult it was to stay focused.

While recognizing that test this is limited to addition and subtraction of numbers it is a sample of what you may do daily to measure your focus.

In this course we outline a SMARTER approach to setting a goal and we suggest that you use this SMARTER approach to increae the amount of time you tay focused each day.

To eat an elephant one must take a bite at a time, to quote business owner Breifne Earley,(interviewed in section 1) who won the World Cycle Race in 2015 covering 30,000 kilometers, we suggest that you set a specific goal for the shortest practicable amount of time to get used to focusing and gradually extend the period that you focus for over the month ahead.

Taking the analogy of Breifne and cycling- on day one set your goal to cycle for 5,8 or 10 minutes or whatever is appropriate.Next day add 5 minutes to this time and so on until you are focusing your attention for up to 90 minutes at an time an beyond.

What we know anecdotally is that when something really holds your interest and fully engages you, then you may already stay focused for extended periods of time. This course uses the SMARTER approach to setting goals and if you adopt it in your business then you will be setting goals that engage your whole brain and body. Full engagement is the key to committing your attention to a task. By setting a goal that is really

Specific about what you want to achieve over the next 10 minutes

and deciding how you will Measure the success - either in terns of quantity done or quality of work or a combination of these

ensuring that it is Achievable in this time frame

selecting the goal that is Right for you and is Real and Relevant

Time Limited to a short "bite" of time

that will be Energising for your brain and body

and will deiver a tangible, real and desirable Reward

you can engage your whole brain and body, getting full attention, and applying the necessary resources into the top priority areas to guarantee your success. Successfully completing one small "bite" builds confidence in your ability to focus. Next time you apply your focus in a SMARTER way you will find that you stay focused for an extra minute or two as the process becomes easier and your brain and body become accustomed to working in a focused way.

Global Focus and Laser Sharp Focus

In this course we deal with two types of focus, what I call global focus and mission critical focus. Using the SMARTER approach to setting goals is possible to align your short term medium and Longer term goals with your global focus. This alignment will help you to stay focused and provide much of the motivation, direction and energy to keep you and your business on track in spite of distractions.

In this course we suggest that you define for yourself what your ultimate reward will be! In my interview with business coach James Martin he outlines the true importance of setting a fulfilling and meaningful reason to be in business beyond making a profit . He calls on you to refine your goals, to see beyond the material rewards and crystallise the ultimate reward and higher reason that you are doing business. He outlines and gives you a case study of a lady who had set a material goal to make extra profit but who became far more motivated once she looked at what that extra money would mean for her and her family!

In your business you have a mission statement and often this is a nebulous or at worst a copied version of someone else's dream.

We call on you to set your own global focus, higher meaning and define the ultimate reward that you and your business are committing to. We invite you to make this your mission statement for the years ahead.

In an article included to guide you, it us suggested that you engage with your entire staff to set this global goal so that every person becomes aligned , committed avd part of the culture of hope that will deliver this through their short, medium and long term actions.

Such a common goal brings a sharper focus to every conversation, thought, action and proposal.

In the conversation with James Martin he also speaks about the need to have your body, mind and dpiritbpeacefully aligned to your higher purpose and in the sections dealing with calming your body, stilling your mind and focusing your energy we give you short immediately effective activities that will support you to do just this.

By being calm, relaxed and at peace within yourself you communicate with your staff, your clients and your colleagues more effectively and move ever closer to achieving your higher purpose.

Richard Branson in many recent posts has espoused the exact same ideas as laid out here and we encourage you to look at his actions and posts as examples of A business tycoon who drove through obstacles, found eaysvarounf others and did not take no for an answer because he was always aligned with a higher purpose.

For Branson it has not been about how much money he can make but how he can serve his customers with the highest quality service st a price they can afford. As his thoughts, words, actions and goals are aligned with his higher purpose he has been successful in a wide range of businesses and been rewarded both materially and in the respect he is shown in business and on the media. It would appear that everything he touches turns to gold - but this may be because he has a clear goal in mind and it is firmly based on his clearly defined global mission to serve his clients with the highest quality possible at a price they can afford.

Here's hoping that you will use this course to set a SMARTER Global focus for yourself and your business. May you use this to underlie each thought, action, communication and emotion expressed by you and your business as you move forward.