Interview with Business Owner Geraldine Monaghan

Geraldine Monaghan

Holistic Rainbow Clinic was born out of my own personal journey from pain to peace and a desire to help others do the same. My main focus is Emotional Health and I offer many therapies to help people change from a negative to a positive emotional state. Sound Therapy and The Emotion Code are among my top tools and I treat people in groups, on a one to one basis and I have a large amount of clients that I work with distantly across the globe. I hold regular meditation classes also in Galway & Mayo. I am very sensitive to land energy and can quickly identify and clear any potential energy disturbances in the land beneath homes, businesses, farms etc. I also offer Feng Shui to help my clients set-up their homes/businesses to support them in health, wealth & love after the land has been healed. I teach a variety of workshops & retreats in Reiki, Seichim, Good energy management & Self-care, and healing as well as Mindset, Motivation & Manifestation. I am based in Galway & Mayo, but regularly travel around the country, particularly Cork. I work with a variety of age groups and am finding myself working more and more with children and teens. My aim is to empower people to help themselves.

Holistic Rainbow Clinic